EWAS : epigenome-wide association study software

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2017.6.13 version 2.0   : (add) epigenome-wide association study for meplotype (methylation haplotype).

2017.4.25 version1.2    : (add) epigenome-wide association study for SMP( single methylation polymorphisms).

2016.9.17 version1.1    : (add) carry out T test for single DNA methylation locus.

2016.7.19 version1.0.2 : (add) carry out chi-square test to identify the significant methylecomtypes.

2016.4.12 version1.0.1 : (add) calculate the frequency of methylecomtypes in MD block region.

2016.1.1   version1.0   :  sort the DNA methylation loci.
                                    change DNA methylation -values into two levels H and L.
                                    scan the genome and identify the MD blocks.


EWAS Project

  1. epigenome-wide association study for beta value.

  2. epigenome-wide association study for SMP.
  3. epigenome-wide association study for meplotype.
  4. epigenome-wide association study for methylecomtype.
  5. epigenome-wide association study for gene region.
  6. epigenome-wide association study for KEGG pathway.
  7. epigenome-wide association study for GO catogories.
  8. epigenome-wide association study for network.

  9. epigenome-wide association study for interacting with genetic marker.

10. epigenome-wide association study for gene expression.

11. epigenome-wide association study for RNA modification.

12. epigenome-wide association study for histone modification.

13. database for epigenome-wide association study.