EWASdb: epigenome-wide association study database

       EWASdb : epigenome-wide association study database

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1、What is EWAS Project?

    Our team proposed ‘The EWAS Project' at 2015 to develop EWAS analysis tools and data resources, including the JAVA software EWAS2.0 (http://www.bioapp.org/ewas/) and the database (EWASdb). EWAS2.0 can identify the association between DNA methylation levels and complex diseases. EWASdb stores and utilizes the significant epi-markers from EWAS studies.

2、What is EWAS?

    EWAS is Epigenome-wide association studies. EWAS provides a systematic approach to uncovering epigenetic variants underlying common diseases/phenotypes.

3、What is EWASdb?

    EWASdb is a database which stores the epigenetic association results of DNA methylation from EWAS studies.

4、How many types of EWAS?

    1、EWAS for single epi-marker.

    2、EWAS for KEGG pathway.

    3、EWAS for GO categories.

5、How many data included in EWASdb?

    1、1319 EWAS studies.

    2、EWAS results for single epi-marker(p<1e-7):18538029

    3、EWAS results for single epi-marker(p<1e-3):52292604

    4、EWAS results for KEGG pathway(p<1e-3):49967

    5、EWAS results for GO categories(p<1e-3):930609